Friday, January 27, 2012

Vulnerability Assessment at Glance

Hello Guys,
Lets talk about Vulnerability Assessment.

First, we must know what is Vulnerability. (you can go to this post
Vulnerability is a weak point/spot of a system that can be attacked/exploited by someone through a series of method and technique to take over the control over the system. There are three types of vulnerability, Hardware Software and Human/Brainware.

In terms of Vulnerability Assessment, there are two more glossary. Attack vector and vulnerability point. Vulnerability point is the weak point itself, where attack vector is a way to attack the sytem based on the vulnerabilities found. Using a well planned attack vector is essential to get the most advantage of the vulnerability.

So the conlusion based on some sentence above, Vulnerability Assessment is an activity to determine and select the best way to attack a system.

Some examples of vulnerability :
Software :
1. Weak Password
2. Open Service
3. Open Port
4. etc

Hardware :
1. Unsecured location
2. Unsecured server
3. Unprotected server
4. etc

Human/Brainware :
1. Low Security Awareness
2. Human Stupidity
3. etc

More about Vulnerability Assessment you can go here.


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